How Does My Square Foot Garden Grow?

Here’s my spot on the web for tracking the progress of my garden this year.

When I was a kid, I have fond memories of running around my grandad’s ginormous garden each year … helping him weed and water and compost … and of course, EAT!  He always had the most spectacular garden in town.  And he consistently managed to grow some huge veggies.

My first attempt at gardening on my own a few years ago wasn’t nearly as productive.  Yes, I managed to enjoy a few fruits of my small amount of labor.  But since then I’ve learned that the more attention I pay to something, the better the result! … Hmm, isn’t that novel? 🙂

This year I’ve discovered the shear bliss of the Square Foot Gardening method, which is totally up my alley.  Very little weeding, and as many vegetables as I can eat.  Here are some pics of the garden as soon as I installed it.  I planted tomatoes, pole beans and a watermelon plant outside of the squares.

My next post will show where we’re at after just three weeks of growing time and lots of rain!


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