Week Three … Movin’ On Up to the Sky!

So I decided that the cukes, the zukes, the eggplant and the melon need to be trellised to encourage them to grow up instead of out … turned out to be a wise decision!  Stuff is growing like crazy … big, broad, gorgeous leaves!  And blossoms all over the place … check it out:

By the way, the snakes are fakes … just trying to keep critters outta my space!

In short, I LOVE Square Foot Gardening!  It’s exactly what I needed to get interested in this terrific hobby again.  The squares are located about ten steps outside my back door (which happens to be three steps from my kitchen), which means that it takes me about 2.4 seconds to get fresh produce from my backyard onto my lunch plate!

The jalapenos were the first to produce (other than the lettuce), and they are ready to harvest already.  I’ve been cutting the cilantro, basil, mint and oregano each day to put in salads and in recipes and such.  The cilantro is wanting to bolt early, which is disappointing, but I’ll grow some more.  It was too late for spinach and it just couldn’t take off, so I’m planting more lettuce and radishes.  As you can see from the pics, I’m going to end up with quite a few cantaloupe, I’m thinking!  The squash and zucchini are trying to take over the planet, which can be expected I suppose.  I’d kind of like to plant more corn too, just judging from how fast this batch has been growing.  The watermelon is really struggling and I don’t know if it will be successful.  Have my doubts.

I’ll post regular updates with what’s going on with each of the veggies here, so check back! 🙂


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