Well … my backyard had quite a crop of volunteer garlic this year.  Only I didn’t know that’s what it was.  HAHA  I’ve only lived in this house about three years, and I would see the stalks come up out there in the summer, but assumed they were green onions, which I’m highly sensitive to and cannot eat.

So yesterday I was over at someone’s house and they took me out to their garden to show me their garlic.  I was like “oh, THIS is garlic?”  😉

Well I came home to have another look at mine, and then decided to do some reading on the Internet to find out the best time for harvesting garlic.  Then I went back out to have another look and realized that mine looked like it was ready!  The leaves had turned 2/3 brown and the seed pods were opening.  I went ahead and pulled one, opened a bulb, and lo and behold … perfect, gorgeous cloves.  I nibbled one (just to be sure it really was garlic because I still didn’t trust myself – HA) … perfection!  Some spicy garlic too!

So I pulled about twenty bulbs and hung them to dry downstairs, though I may end up taking them outside in a shady spot.  It’s best to keep the stalks and roots on while it dries, keeping it out of the sun to avoid blanching.

Anyway, looks like my family and I will have at least a six month supply of fresh, home-grown garlic in front of us.  MMMMMM!

I’ll post a pic later –



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