Yellow Squash

Here’s the first yellow squash of the year:

It literally popped up overnight.  Wasn’t there yesterday!  I have four others growing, but this is the first contender.  This plant grew so large so fast that it suddenly fell over under its own weight last week and I had to tie it to the trellis with a plastic bag.  Seemed to do the trick.  The plant loved it and blossomed instantly.

I went ahead and picked it this afternoon.  It was five inches long and two inches in diameter, which is just about perfect.  Don’t want ’em to get too much bigger or they take on different flavors, become tough, and aren’t as good.  I sliced this one, then tossed it (and the blossom) in flower before frying in a couple tablespoons of olive oil.  Salt, pepper and ranch dressing made this a real treat.  The squash flower is wonderful after frying (no dressing needed).  It’s considered a delicacy.


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