Sneaky Hiding Vegetables

Seems like no matter how hard I look, there’s either a zucchini or a cucumber hiding under some foliage somewhere that sneaks past my attention.  Sometimes I’m certain that the vegetables have somehow acquired self-awareness when I wasn’t looking and it is their goal to take over the planet, starting with my back yard.  I must continue to fight the good fight and consume as many as possible … for the good of humanity.

I check every single day now, but even so, things slip by.  This cucumber is about a foot long and probably 4-5 inches in diameter, but fortunately I found it under some leaves before it reached a size that gets beyond the tender and tasty limitations for cukes.  It’s going to make a terrific bunch of cucumber salad tonight! 🙂

Edit – – I decided to go all out and make bread and butter pickles with this cucumber.  It made three jars worth and smells wonderful.  The whole house smells like pickles!  Love it … can’t wait to eat some tomorrow.


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