Cucumber & Squash Bounty!

Check this out …

Had to harvest a bunch of cucumbers today because the weight was pulling the cage over. There are as many more cukes still growing on the vine as what I picked.

Also picked these three squash, which were ready and gorgeous.  I’m waiting on some special organic fertilizer that is high in calcium to hopefully help correct a deficiency in the zucchini.  The lower leaves are yellowing, and while the plant is enormous, it isn’t producing many fruits.  What fruits it has produced have been yellowing and experiencing some blossom-end rot while on the plant, which sounds like a nutrient problem with the soil.  Hopefully it isn’t too late to correct with some fish fertilizer and lime.  I have another zucchini plant outside the box that’s smaller but should start producing anytime.

Here is a shot of the slings I’m making for the melon … I found some netting online that worked nicely – –


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