Spring Is Here … Which Means It’s Time for a New Square Foot Garden!

This past weekend was just the best!  Why?  Because it warmed up suddenly, and we officially switched seasons (OH … YEAH), and so it came time for me to get my seed together and plan my squares for the coming year.  I’m doing a full three season garden this year (unlike last, where I got started a few weeks late to enjoy the early spring stuff).

No More of This Winter Stuff!

No More of This Winter Stuff!

Potted Seedlings

I’ll start with these.  I’m planting EVERYTHING from seed this year (no plants from Home Depot!).  I wanted to take them from start to finish this time.  I’m planting four tomato plants this year (and have ordered appropriate measures to ward off my squirrel nemeses!).  Two hybrid plants and two heirlooms.  I’m also planting two of each of the following:  jalapenos (I’m still eating the pickled ones from last year … OMG they’re good), large bell peppers, egg plants, cantaloupe and watermelon.  I’m going to go ahead and plant a zucchini and a couple of yellow squash in pots today as well.  I’m going to hold off on the cukes and just plant them in the soil on the first of May … those things are so prolific out there I am not even concerned about getting them going early.  I’ll harden everything off a week before May 1st and then transfer everything outside.

Potted Seedlings for Garden

Potted Seedlings for Garden

Experimental Early Planting

It seems way early to plant outside.  March 21st, first day of spring.  There are still several more freezes ahead of us over the next month.  But I went ahead and planted my cold soil crop yesterday.  It was 82 degrees here!  The soil will stay warm enough through the end of the week to support germination, and then I’ll stay on the lookout to protect the little fellers on the cold nights ahead.  I planted cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, onions and beets.  Not as sure about the beets as the other stuff, but hopefully they’ll hold up ok.

South Square Foot Garden

South Square Foot Garden - Planted

The strawberries definitely extended the boundaries of their territory last fall, and I now have new runner plants showing up in about seven squares.  I plan to transplant these into a strawberry pot before planting the summer veggies in that square.  I should have PLENTY of berries this year to keep me going.  Still have some cleanup on that square too.  The oregano is growing back, which is nice to see.

North Square Foot Garden

North Square Foot Garden - Ready to Plant

So that’s it … day one has come and gone and we’re officially underway!  🙂


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