2012 Square Foot Garden Tracker

I’m going to try to keep track of what I do in the garden this year.  Seems like the blog is easy to let fall by the wayside.  But if I can log what I’m doing (both right and wrong), maybe I can make some progress next time.


I’ve rearranged the beds this year.  In the south bed, there are two cherry tomato plants, two eggplants, a pepper, basil, dill, summer squash, lettuce, bush beans and a couple of squares of corn.  I’m late on getting everything in, but it’s all there and should have sufficient time to produce.  I’m going to just keep planting a row of lettuce every other week to month or so throughout the summer, and try to keep what is already growing shocked enough to not bolt.  I planted a summer hearty leaf lettuce.

The north square has more corn, a big boy tomato, strawberries, cucumber, bush bean, and winter squash.  Outside the square I have a zucchini against the porch and cilantro and spicy oregano in pots.

Water and Fertilizer

We’ve had very little rain this year, which is good from the standpoint that I haven’t had to mow much, but bad from the standpoint that if it keeps up, I’ll be watering the garden myself.  I water only when the soil gets dry, to where I can’t feel moisture more than a couple of inches down into the bed when I stick my finger in.  It amounts to watering every four or five days, I suppose.  But the squares with seedlings get it more often, as do the potted plants, which need it every day or two.  Fortunately we’ve had cool weather.

I added lime to the garden last fall to neutralize pH, and then sprayed it with Miracle-Gro this spring.  I’ve also used a fertilized compost.  My plan is to use Miracle-Gro once every week or two for the first month.  This should encourage vigorous leaf and stalk growth, which is my strategy for the early stage.  Then I will switch over to monthly applications of compost/manure.  I don’t want to spray the garden so much that it affects the critters down in the soil, but I want the plants to get a good head start foliage-wise, before letting them focus more of their energy into producing fruit.

South Bed

North Bed


Potted Cilantro & Oregano


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