What a Difference a Rain Makes

While other parts of the country are either drowning in diluvian amounts of rain, or burning from epic firestorms, my humble little corner of western Missouri has been experiencing a fairly noteworthy period of drought this year.  I have not mowed my lawn in upwards of a month now – and there has been no need to do so (other than trimming those drought-defying weeds).

As a result, I realized after putting the garden in a couple of weeks ago that I was going to need to provide a lot of water myself — if I wanted the plants to live, that is.   But last night, after weeks without a drop of moisture from the heavens, we finally received in excess of an inch of rain.  Oh … yeah …!

A person can water plants using city water services and it will sustain their lives and even promote growth.  But for some reason, open the floodgates of the heavens, and plants go NUTS over the stuff.  I went out this morning to see vibrant colors, vigorously sprouting seedlings, wide open leaves, and obvious growth overnight.  Apparently, for plants, rainwater seems to have a steroid-like influence.

I’m hopeful we will find ourselves back in a regular cycle of rain, but unfortunately we are dangerously close to the stretch of summer when moisture becomes much harder to come by anyway.  It may well end up being a very long, dry summer.


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